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Kristen Wiig Defends Lana Del Rey — As Lana Del Rey [Video]

I Guess I Can't Argue With That


If you were anywhere near the internet a few weeks ago when Lana Del Rey performed on Saturday Night Live and then people talked about it, or again this past Tuesday when the singer’s debut album Born to Die came out (and people talked about her performance on SNL again), you might have read things like “worst singer ever,” “worst SNL performance ever,” or a variety of incredibly disparaging things about the newcomer. Many came to her defense, most heartwarmingly, Whitney Cummings, but also Daniel Radcliffe, who was the host of that SNL episode, and SNL head writer/Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers. But now, Kristen Wiig has stepped into the supportive hug by actually playing the singer, poking a little fun at her persona, but pointing out some things that turn all those rude criticisms on their respective heads. Like how she must have “clubbed a baby seal while singing the Taliban national anthem” instead of just nervously singing in front of millions of people for the first time.

(via Saturday Night Live)

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