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A Kraven the Hunter Movie Is on the Horizon, So Who Should Play Him?

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There is a Kraven the Hunter movie coming, and we have to wonder: Who should be Kraven? I’ve written before about how I thought that the signs might be pointing to Kraven the Hunter being Peter Parker’s big bad in Spider-Man 3, but now it seems as if, much like Morbius and Venom, Sony is bringing Kraven to life in his own film first.

I’d personally rather Kraven take on Peter in Spider-Man 3, but maybe that’s the setup. Who knows? But the news that he’s getting his own movies does expand the Spider-Villain-Verse that Sony is apparently creating with their live-action movies. Now though, the question boils down to a simple “who should play Kraven the Hunter,” and thinking about it, the casting is going to be harder than we all probably realize.

To be honest, the only names that I would instantly consider (who are famous already and not an unknown) are Jason Momoa and the Rock. The thing with Kraven is that he takes down his prey with his bare hands. Next to my small baby Tom Holland, it isn’t hard to look imposing, but you have to cast someone who looks like if they wanted to tear you limb from limb, they could.

But the more I think about it, I realize that the best choice for Kraven might actually be Creed 2‘s Florian Munteanu. Bringing Viktor Drago to life (the son of Ivan), Munteanu very much brings the imposing feeling that I think should Kraven the Hunter should embody.

Like … Michael B. Jordan is listed as being 6 feet tall …

I also think that Florian Munteanu is still enough of an unknown that it wouldn’t be just banking on pre-existing fanbases to get fans out to see the movie. While it isn’t a bad thing, it is important to expand upon the talent already pooling out in Hollywood regularly and the MCU has done a good job of bringing in new names and giving their careers a boost (looking at Tom Holland, Letitia Wright, Winston Duke, even ScarJo, in a way … you get it, it’s a huge platform).

While all of my options have played characters who are ruled by their physical strength, this could also be a good time to bring someone new in that we don’t know yet. Or maybe John Cena. Am I just thinking that Kraven the Hunter should be a wrestler? Maybe! But I do think that this is one of those instances where Kraven’s physical strength is extremely important, mainly because that’s how he takes down his enemies.

I’m excited to see the growth of the Spider-Verse, and it gives me hope that maybe we can see a Sinister Six movie at some point, bringing in the big bads to take on Spidey, but until then, I’ll take these villain-centric movies, thank you very much!

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