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Washington Man Threatens To Shoot Up Schools If Gun Rights Are Restricted, Gets Arrested

In stunningly clear object lesson on “Things Not To Do, EVER,” World’s Least Classy Total Idiot candidate Korry Martinson has turned himself in to police who had been searching for him all weekend. Just hours after Friday’s horrific shooting in Connecticut, Martinson, 19, allegedly put up a Facebook post thanking the shooter for his actions and threatening to “go shoot up every school in a 100 mile radius” if he felt that the tragedy affected his rights as a gun owner. Now, KOMO News is reporting that Martinson, who was at best drastically overestimating the popular sense of humor level over Friday’s shooting, has been booked on charges of felony harassment for the threat. You can see a screenshot of the alleged post below, but if you’re among the many folks who are still kind of reeling from this one, be advised: it makes for exceedingly unpleasant reading.

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Martinson’s Facebook page is currently unavailable, but the following screenshot of the post in question has been making the rounds:

It is unknown how seriously Martinson expected his threat to be taken, or whether he owns the firearms mentioned in the post. What is known is that Martinson can expect to be arraigned on charges of felony harassment in a Skagit County courtroom tomorrow morning.

This of course leaves us to note that, in a rather fitting turn of events, a felony conviction would, in fact, make it much more difficult for Martinson to legally own a firearm in the future. Points for irony, Mr. Martinson. Points for irony.

(via KOMO News)

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