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Kirby With Human Feet Will Haunt Me Until I Die and I Refuse to Suffer Alone

You know that feeling when you see something that you realize you could’ve gone your entire life without seeing? I pass the curse onto you, dear reader. Someone has made a mod for Super Smash Brothers that gives Kirby people feet, the natural next step to fanart of such a horror that made its way onto the internet not too long ago in response to the universal question: Is Kirby wearing shoes or are those just his feet? What is he hiding?

Creator LuckyJero is cool with your ambivalent feelings/complete terror, saying “Oh my. Some people got mad at me for creating that and some people are enjoying this mod. It’s up to you how you want to feel about it.” They also mention that while the feet sometimes don’t appear totally connected to Kirby, they will not improve the mod further “since this should be a joke mod to enjoy. It is Final.” They also add, “Now kick those enemies with those cheesy feeeeeet.”

Honestly, if Kirby had people feet he’d win every single battle because everyone else would be recoiling with disturbed terror (defeet, toe-tal annihilation, etc.). That’s one way to bring your enemies to heel, I suppose. It’s available for download here. The game is afoot.

(via Kotaku, Image: screencap)

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