Kickstumbler, a StumbleUpon for Kickstarter Projects

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From providing entertaining videos to funding famous game development studios, both Kickstarter and StumbleUpon have become cornerstones of the modern day Internet by providing people a way to discover things that they may not have otherwise been able to find. Now, thanks to Hype Machine, we can stumble upon Kickstarter projects via Kickstumbler.

Kickstumbler is as simple to use as StumbleUpon: Simply head over to the page, and click away. Each Kickstarter project has a Kickstumbler bar at the top of the page with organizational and social media features, so you can find projects more to your liking, as well as spam your friends and followers with your findings. When you’re bored of checking out a current project, or have already pledged all of your money, simply hit the next button in the bar and off you go to another project. Easy peasy.

Pretty simple, but fairly useful, as Kickstarter hides some pretty incredible projects that need a way to gain some steam in the face of some more famous people using the platform for their own projects (however awesome they may be).

(SocialTimes via GeekSugar)

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