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I’m Loving Ke Huy Quan Loving Tom Hiddleston Loving Ke Huy Quan

These men are absolute treasures.

Ke Huy Quan smiles in a tuxedo with a Golden Globe Awards sign behind him.

After an unforgivable 30-year lull, Ke Huy Quan’s acting career is back in full swing. After winning a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in Everything Everywhere All at Once, Quan will appear in Loki season 2. Earlier this week, Quan spoke to Josh Horowitz on Horowitz’s podcast Happy Sad Confused, where he talked about a mutual geek-out with Tom Hiddleston on set.

Quan’s character in Loki hasn’t been announced yet, but according to social media rumors, he may play a TVA worker named Ouroboros, or “Bo” for short. Quan appeared briefly in the Season 2 trailer that was shown to attendees at Disney’s D23 Expo 2022, in which his character works the service counter in a large room full of odds and ends.

In the January 9 episode of Happy Sad Confused, Horowitz asked if Hiddleston asked Quan any questions about his work as Data in The Goonies and Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. “[Hiddleston] is such a huge movie buff,” Horowitz said. “Did he contain his geekiness around you? …. I gotta think he asked a bunch of questions.”

Quan prefaced his answer by saying that he has to be careful about what he reveals, given Marvel’s notorious penchant for secrecy. Quan then shared a story about Hiddleston finding something on set and then exclaiming that he couldn’t believe he was working with Short Round. “He was so cute and so kind and I was so excited,” Quan said. “I said, oh my god, did anybody get that on tape? Please tell me somebody got that on tape!”

We love these guys as much as they love each other

This interview wasn’t the first time we got to see Quan and Hiddleston geeking out together, of course. At D23, they sat down for an interview with EW along with Sophia di Martino, who plays Sylvie. “I’ve fantasized about [joining the MCU] for many, many years, all the way back to when the first Iron Man movie came out,” Quan said.

We still have to wait a few months before we can see Quan and Hiddleston playing off of each other on screen, but at least we can get a sneak peek in interviews! Quan is a perfect match for Loki. His work in Everything Everywhere All at Once showed an exuberance and quirkiness that’s just the right fit for the weirdness of the TVA.

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