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This Gorgeous Star Wars Fan Film About a Force-Sensitive Girl Just Broke My Heart

You should probably watch this immediately.


Joe Sill’s Kara, a seven-minute short about a force-sensitive girl, her father, and a downed X-Wing pilot named “Athena,” just blew my mind.

I seriously love everything about this, from the music to the acting to its bad-ass female characters. Kara might also be the most visceral, effective depiction I’ve seen of the sometimes-nebulous line between “The Dark Side” and “The Light Side,” and even reminded me in some ways of Stephen King’s Carrie (actually, considering the title similarities, maybe that was intentional?).

Carrie didn’t intend to wreak havoc and destruction but, when the inherent emotional turmoil of adolescence was compounded with the trauma she endured from her family and peers, she couldn’t control her abilities. The fear on Kara’s face here when she does you-know-what to the you-know-whats reminded me of Carrie’s initial panic, and of how “the force,” “the shining,” and other supernatural forces and abilities are arguably analogous for what it can feel like to experience intense, physically overwhelming emotions.

If you haven’t watched yet, I definitely recommend it. This is honestly the first time I’ve really believed that a Star Wars anthology film might be anywhere near as fulfilling as the trilogies. Kara proves that even a slice of life story from the Star Wars galaxy can be compelling, exciting, and gorgeous.

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