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The Case of the Mysterious Disappearing Superheroine

Great Hera!

DC Comics, after a couple of weeks of teasing its fans, has officially, officially, released titles, production credits and covers for its September solicits, all the comics it will publish in September. This is the cover of Justice League International #1. It features Booster Gold (center), Batman, Fire (the green lady), Ice (bottom), Rocket Red (left of Fire), Guy Gardner (the Green Lantern), Vixen (above Gardner), August General in Iron (the one with a spear) and one new character.

But wait, you may be wondering, why was this image so horribly composed? There’s a big fat empty space in the bottom left. Is that where the Comics Code goes or something?

Well, here’s what the cover looked like when JLI #1 was announced two weeks ago:

There she is! It’s that “new character” that everybody thought might be Donna Troy or something. It looks much more balanced now. Lord knows why she’s been removed, could be because she doesn’t appear prominently in the first issue, or not. It could be that DC was just really lazy about improving the composition of the cover without her, or maybe there actually will be a barcode there or something.

Oh, and the Invisible Woman and Wonder Woman’s invisible jet jokes have already been made. Sorry.

(via DC Women Kicking Ass and Newsarama.)

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