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College Humor’s “Just Let the World Die” Captures Exactly How I Feel After Reading the News


College Humor’s latest video, “Just Let the World Die,” imagines what might happen if top scientists and military personnel discovered that an Armageddon-style asteroid was headed for Earth in the Trump era.

As the video opens, three scientists brief a high-level general about the “extinction-level event” that could result if an incoming asteroid makes impact with Earth. “If we do nothing,” says the male scientist, “this is the end of the world.”

“Great,” laughs the general. “That’s fucking great…I mean, Earth had a great run, but it’s about over, you know what I mean? Am I right?”

The two women scientists immediately agree with him.

“No! You’re talking about the end of the world! Why would you want that?” cries the male scientist. The other three answer:



“Fuckin’ Trump.”

“I mean, it’s not just Trump,” one of the women clarifies, “It’s a bunch of things. Things have been really shitty for a while now. I mean, when I got this news, I honestly thought, ‘Phew.'”

The general and the women scientists then try to convince their male colleague that everyone should just let the asteroid land, citing the build-up of greenhouse gases, the EU falling apart, Facebook arguments, United Airlines, and “knowing that despite all of our hopes, myths and prayers, all of our lives, on a cosmic sense, are meaningless.”

But it’s not all doom and gloom!

“In about 500 million years, there could be people again,” says one of the women.

“And maybe they won’t fuck it up with capitalism and student films!” adds the second.

I won’t spoil how the video ends, but the last bit also perfectly captures the hope-despair seesaw of scrolling through Twitter.

Now, part of the joke of the video is on readers like myself, who respond with hyperbole to our politicians’ fuckery in an era which is, historically, one of the most peaceful and least pain-filled for human beings in our species’ existence. But I also think the video really gets at how the internet age can mess with you. We have instant, constantly updating access to almost every atrocity and idiocy on the planet, whereas just a generation ago our parents had to read a paper or wait for the evening news in order to expose themselves to even a slim, carefully curated view of the world. The sheer volume of violent, cruel, or senseless acts can be overwhelming.

Luckily, there are also plenty of cat videos, adorable fanart, and humorous videos like this to brighten my feed.

(Via YouTube; image via screengrab)

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