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Flock This Way for Purported Images of a Leaked Jurassic World Brochure Prop, Possible Story Teases

Leaks, uh, find a way.

If you wanted more details about Jurassic World, well, uh, there it is. It being a brochure prop for the movie’s fictional theme park, that is—if Reddit and Twitter are to be believed. It’s got dinosaur lists, cameo hints, and more Jurassic Park teases than a T-Rex could shake its impractically small arms at.

Here are all the dinosaurs you can expect to see:

It also details all the park’s attractions which might give us a hint as to some of the locales we can expect for dino rampage action.

Take a look at the “gyrosphere” section of this one for a Jimmy Fallon tease. Of course, it could just be that someone in the props department really likes Fallon, because it’s unlikely we’ll get this much of a closeup of the pamphlet in the movie, but let me dream, OK?

(via UPROXX)

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