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Things We Saw Today: Hold Onto Your Butts for a Jurassic World Dinosaur Tease

They're flocking this way.

We’ve got our first look at a dinosaur from Jurassic World… kind of. If they’re teasing like this, it’s a good bet that it’s actually the genetically modified T-Rex we’ve heard about. Maybe they’ll show us the whole thing if we say the magic word? (via Colin Trevorrow on Twitter)

  • CW has put out its fall release calendar, including the return of Supernatural and the premiere of The Flash. (via Variety)
  • Behold! More images of Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie from the latest issue of Empire Magazine. (via Collider)


Go to pieces over an adorable LEGO recreation of the Star Wars Episode VII table read photo. (via /Film)

  • George R.R. Martin wants us all to share in his appearance on Gay of Thrones. (via George R.R. Martin on Twitter)
  • Paramount will go where they have gone before with a bunch of sequels, including Star Trek and Transformers, in 2016. (via The Playlist)


This handy flowchart will help you figure out if you’d survive in Westeros. Short version: “Are you a living thing? Then no.” (Dorkly via Nerd Approved)

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