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Jurassic World Stomps More Avengers Records With Inside Out Hot on Its Tail


The dinosaurs have waited 65 million years to claim the top spot at the box office, and at this point, it looks like the only thing that can overtake them is their feelings. Of course, even if Pixar’s Inside Out (in its opening weekend) almost overtook Jurassic World in weekend numbers (during its second weekend) that’s only because practically everyone in the world has already seen the Jurassic sequel as it continues stepping its gigantic dinosaur feet all over Marvel’s Avengers records.

In its second week, Jurassic World devoured approximately $102 million domestically, which makes it only the second movie in history to have two $100-million-plus weekends. Sadly, that put an end to Pixar’s record of every film they’ve ever released being number one in its opening weekend according to Variety, with Inside Out coming in close at $91 million—still a huge number, of course, topped only by Toy Story 3 out of Pixar’s films and nabbing first place over Avatar in launches of brand new film properties.

That’s probably because Inside Out is great, and lets not forget it’s got plenty of women in the lead when taking on any future annoying “but making movies starring women is risky from a business standpoint” conversations.

Meanwhile, Deadline reports that Jurassic is also expected to unseat Avengers in the next day or two as the movie to cross the domestic $400 million mark fastest: in about 11 days to Avengers‘ 14 days. It’s still a tight race for whether it’ll beat Avengers‘ second weekend total of $103.05 million and also claim that record as the final official numbers from the weekend shake out, according to CBR [UPDATE: new numbers are in]. But it looks all set to easily knock Age of Ultron out of its current spot as the top grossing movie of 2015.

Hopefully someone at Marvel is up for some more drawings of The Avengers x Dinosaurs.

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