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Jurassic World Adds Three More Women to Its Cast

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Cast members of Archer, Merlin, and Orange is the New Black have signed up to be chased by dinosaurs, increasing the number of actresses officially cast in the new film by three hundred percent.

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Yes, Bryce Dallas Howard no longer stands as the only actress confirmed to appear in Jurassic World. She is joined by three other television actresses: Lauren Lapkus, with a number of guest appearances across television, but best known for her recurring role in Orange is the New Black as prison officer Susan Fischer. Katie McGrath‘s IMDB listing is dominated by lady nobles in BBC period pieces, including her notable turn as Morgana in Merlin, but I’m guessing she won’t be playing one of those on the JW set. And finally, Judy Greer will be helping round out the production, familiar to nerds everywhere as Arrested Development‘s Kitty Sanchez and Archer‘s Cheryl Tunt.

News of more women in the Jurassic Park franchise is always great, as the women in the first movie, Dr. Ellie Satler and Lex Murphy, were both pretty groundbreaking characters to see in a thriller (and that’s not to mention that all the velociraptors are female as well). A practical and brave female scientist who was never backwards in coming forwards with exactly the line to show the men around her that their gender bias was showing; and a character who taught a lot of kids my age that girls and computers can save the day.

I mean, at least until the velociraptors come through the window. Unfortunately, we have no idea who any of these new cast members are playing, but if I had to take a wild guess, I’d say resort staff and visitors, possibly scientists. Just a hunch.

(top pic is concept art by Nathan Schroeder, story via The Hollywood Reporter.)

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