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Casting Roundup, ’90s Nostalgia Edition: Actors Rumored For Jurassic Park, ID4 Sequels

Oh Hollywood

Bryce Dallas Howard and Michael B. Jordan might be attacked by dinosaurs and aliens, respectively.

Jurassic Park and Independence Day are only two of the many, many ’90s classics being brought back to the big screen. I’d complain about Hollywood being bereft of ideas, but like I’m going to complain about a dinosaur movie. I mean, really. The rumor mill has Bryce Dallas Howard potentially starring in Jurassic World, director Colin Trevorrow‘s probably-reboot of Jurassic Park. According to /Film Universal has been interested in possibly signing Howard, David Oyelowo, and Garrett Hedlund for some time now, and now that the release date has been adjusted they’ve gotten around to actually offering her the role.

As for the two-part Independence Day sequel—ID Forever Part I and Part II—director Roland Emmerich has previously stated that it will be set a few decades after Independence Day and will feature the now-adult stepson of Will Smith‘s character in a major role as a sort of “passing of the torch” move. Now Fruitvale Station actor (and rumored Johnny Storm) Michael B. Jordan is reportedly in talks to star. We don’t know if he’s up for the stepson role, but he probably is; Jordan’s such an up-and-coming star that I can’t imagine Fox would want him for a minor character.

And because I can’t talk about two Jeff Goldblum movies without talking about the man himself (I’m only human), just a reminder that Emmerich wants him in ID Forever, but he probably won’t be in Jurassic World, since it’s supposedly a reboot and therefore will feature brand new characters.

(via: /Film, /Film)

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