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Jurassic President Is The Best Historical Sci-Fi Reality Show Fighting Game You’ll Never Play



For the So You Created A Wormhole art show opening tonight at L.A.’s iam8bit gallery, artist Jude Buffum came up with what might possibly be the best idea for a video game and reality TV show ever. But unfortunately, it’s just an idea with some awesomely faked screenshots for now. The hypothetical game, Jurassic President, takes place in an alternate future (or past, or something) where historical figures fight on dinosaurs as part of a reality show. Need I say more? No, I need not.

The game’s concept, in the artist’s own words:

“Welcome folks to another episode of Jurassic President, the reality combat game show of the FUTURE, pitting contestants from the PAST, in a battle for the PRESENT. Where the greatest men that ever lived, former Presidents of these United Corporations of AmeriCo™, battle the most evil leaders throughout history. Using the most dangerous weapon known to man… DINOSAURS!!!”

(via io9, image credits Jude Buffum)

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