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Julie Newmarr Purrrrrfers the Batman Series She Did With Adam West, Thankyouverymuch

Just Go With It

Julie Newmarr thinks that Batman these days is just too scowly and dark. The first woman to play Catwoman on TV (Lee Meriwether played her in the 1966 movie), Newmarr longs for the days when the Bat was a light-hearted, silly crimefighter played by Adam West who had fights festooned with comic book-style violence bubbles. And while she thinks Anne Hathaway will do a fine job in the role, she had a few choice words about some other latter-day Catwoman portrayers.

Newmarr told Hero Complex:

“This is what I get from people when they talk to me about the original Catwoman and compare it to the latter ones [Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns (1992), Halle Berry in the atrocious Catwoman (2004)]. I think people prefer the more humorous one, the lighter one. People seem to complain that the recent ones are too dark in spirit. But that’s what reflects what’s going on. That’s what film and acting and everything is….I don’t envy someone that has to play Batman or Catwoman today. It was a heck of a lot more fun when Adam West and I did it.”

Campy as that show was, of course it was more fun! How could anything with a “BIFF” or “POW” in the script not be a heck of a lot more fun?

Feel free to insert your own “the claws come out joke,” but keep in mind that Newmarr has said that Hathaway will be “marvelous” when she slips into the catsuit for The Dark Knight Rises.

The quote came while Ms. Newmarr promotes her new comic with Bluewater Productions, The Secret Lives of Julie Newmarr, which is a spin-off of The Misadventures of Adam West and comes out this December. Why this lady is not doing voiceovers for Family Guy along with her former co-star is baffling, because she seems like a hoot.

(Hero Complex via Blastr)

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