Joss Whedon Returns to Twitter, Promises Mark Ruffalo Will Do a Nude Scene If We Vote Against Trump

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Joss Whedon quit Twitter a year ago, and no one knows why (although he has said that the rumor that he quit because of “militant feminists” is wrong, so I’m gonna guess that he left because Twitter sucks). Now he’s back, and he’s got a reason for his return: He wants to promote this short comedy video that he made, starring a whole lot of famous faces from the Marvel cinematic universe, as well as some slightly-less-famous faces.

Although not everyone in this video is famous for having played a superhero, most of them are, hence the “Save the Day” messaging. But this isn’t just any ol’ get-out-the-vote video, it’s an explicitly anti-Trump video. No candidates’ names get mentioned; instead, the speakers refer to Trump by condemning his “you’re fired” catch-phrase and by taking a stance against his racist views.

Above all, though, this is a comedy video, and it’s also a parody of other videos of this kind. It’s self-aware about how corny get-out-the-vote videos can be, and the actors make jokes about how staged it all feels. They still manage to convey an important message, but they also comedically repeat “important” several times in the process. (This entire election sure has been steeped in a thick layer of irony, huh?)

The joke left to the end of the video is that if you vote, Mark Ruffalo will do a nude scene in his next movie (at which point Mark Ruffalo pretends to be surprised that he’s expected to do such a thing). I heard about this joke before I watched the video, and I expected to hate it, but I didn’t mind it so much in context. It was pretty obvious from the staging of the video that Ruffalo must have approved the joke ahead of time.

So … does that mean that Mark Ruffalo will actually do a nude scene if Trump loses? The wording in the video leading up to that joke is a little fuzzy, so I think he could probably get away with skipping it, but … I mean, if he wants to do it, it’s a free country. Or, at least, it should be.

(via Pajiba, image via YouTube screencap)

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