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Joss Whedon Has Already Released An Apology Video For Age of Ultron

And no, it's not for that concept art of Ultron.

Around 20 minutes of the next Avengers will be filmed in South Korea, and the cooperation required by the city of Seoul is reportedly unprecedented. In anticipation of “the mess” he will make, Whedon has already released a classy video entitled “Thank You Greeting” to apologize for the inconvenience and promise the movie will be worth it.

Starting March 30th through April 12th, entire bridges and streets will be shut down for Age of Ultron. Although 55.8% of citizens polled by MBN television said they think it’s important for Korea to cooperate with filming, Whedon’s video is a lovely move. Hopefully it’s the only time he has to make Avengers-related amends.

(via Kotaku, image via Thank You Greeting)

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