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Goodnight, Sweet Prince: Watch Jon Stewart Announce His The Daily Show Retirement

Jon, but not forgotten.

As the news was breaking online last night that Jon Stewart will be leaving Comedy Central soon after nearly two decades, The Daily Show audience was learning the news first-hand from Stewart himself; and although I’m excited to see what Stewart does next, this clip is a bittersweet reminder of the humor, eloquence, and honesty that I’ll miss watching on the regular. But hey, at least we have a burgeoning #JessicaWilliams4TheDailyShow campaign to console us:

Of course, there’s always a chance that Williams might have another offer on the horizon in the wake of Stewart’s departure. If we can’t have an entire show dedicated to Jessica and her Feminized Atmosphere, are there any other ladies you’d like to see take up The Daily Show gauntlet?

(via Jezebel)

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