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Owner of John Lennon’s Tooth Moving Ahead With Plans to Clone the Beatle

I don't know, doc, sounds like a molar dilemma to me.


Canadian dentist and celebrity tooth enthusiast Michael Zuk purchased John Lennon’s molar at an auction in 2011 (like you do). Now, the eccentric owner of “rot” memorabilia (his crazy words, not mine) is moving ahead on plans to clone the Beatle and raise him as a son. Dr.Zuk’s patients: are you sure you trust this man?

Zuk heads the John Lennon Clone Project, a cause he embarked on after purchasing the tooth for $34,000. Here’s the “straight tooth” (again, the Dr.’s pun, not mine) from Zuk’s fascinatingly weird website, worth checking out for endless molar personification and bizarre font choices:

Many will say the creation of a living clone of John Lennon is immoral or insane, but it can be agrued otherwise. JL would have prefered to have lived a full life and continue with his efforts for PEACE […]perhaps the time is right to look into this venture as the Beatle’s will.

Elsewhere on the website, Zuk is quoted saying,

I think it’s pretty clear now that John Lennon has a magical power down to the dust of his rotten molar. He gave it to a fan, and I’m thrilled to be able to chosen to share his influence for charity, entertainment and science.

The Dr. has “Lennon 2.0’s” best interests at heart: he wants to “hopefully keep [the clone] away from drugs and cigarettes,” and when Yoko Ono sold the rights to “Love Me Do?” in 2013, Zuk said what the rest of us were just thinking: “The John Lennon Clone would not be pleased with Yoko.”

The Project’s website says cloning is tentatively scheduled for 2040 to commemorate what would have been Lennon’s 100th birthday. If you’re interested in contributing, Zuk sells merchandise to support the cause, including DNA lockets and art that “dentists may order.” I guess the rest of us will just have to look elsewhere for poorly lit images of rotting celebrity teeth.

(via Boing Boing, image via Pedro Garcia)

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