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John Boyega is Finn in The Force Awakens‘ Biggest Fan

"It's a Millennium Falcon, so don't ruin it."

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens” John Boyega Is The Galaxy’s Bi…Star Wars’ John Boyega is the galaxy’s biggest fanboy

Posted by NYLON on Thursday, October 22, 2015

If this whole “Star Wars” thing doesn’t work out for him, John Boyega totally has a career in hilarious videos. His reaction video to The Force Awakens trailer was off the cuff, sure, but in this video for Nylon, he shows that he’s not only capable of, but really good at making fun of himself, and making us laugh.

I’ve gotta say, seeing videos like this just make me so damn happy. Boyega is living the dream, and it’s awesome to watch him have as much fun with it as possible!

As you move through your own lives, be like John Boyega. Love everything you do and that you’re a part of so much that you have to buy your own merch.

(via NYLON’s Facebook page)

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