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Jennifer Lawrence, Highest Paid Actress in the World

But gender wage gap bull is still a thing.

Jennifer Lawrence

According to Forbes (via CBS News), Jennifer Lawrence is the highest paid actress in the entire world. With an estimated $52 million raked in last year, she’s topped last year’s highest paid actress, Sandra Bullock, by $1 million. A lot of that money has undoubtedly come in as a result of her work on The Hunger Games, along with the other myriad projects in which she’s participated. The next highest earner was Scarlett Johansson, with $35.5 million earned.

It’s worth pointing out that earlier this month, Robert Downey Jr. was named the highest paid actor in the world with about $80 million banked last year. Second on that list is Jackie Chan with $50 million, $2 million less than the highest paid actress. I can hear you wondering: how do both lists stack up together? Let’s find out (actresses names provided in bold).

Robert Downey Jr.: $80,000,000
Jennifer Lawrence: $52,000,000
Jackie Chan: $50,000,000
Vin Diesel: $47,000,000
Bradley Cooper: $41,500,000
Adam Sandler: $41,000,000
Tom Cruise: $40,000,000
Scarlett Johansson: $35,500,000
Amitabh Bachchan: $33,500,000
Salman Khan: $33,500,000
Akshay Kumar: $32,500,000
Mark Wahlberg: $32,000,000
Melissa McCarthy: $23,000,000
Bingbing Fan: $21,000,000
Jennifer Aniston: $16,500,000
Julia Roberts: $16,000,000
Angelina Jolie: $15,000,000
Reese Witherspoon: $15,000,000
Anne Hathaway: $12,000,000
Kristen Stewart: $12,000,000
Cameron Diaz: $11,000,000
Gwyneth Paltrow: $9,000,000
Meryl Streep: $8,000,000
Amanda Seyfried: $8,000,000
Sandra Bullock: $8,000,000
Emma Stone: $6,500,000
Mila Kunis: $6,500,000
Natalie Portman: $6,000,000

So there you have it. Only two women made enough to break into the top 10 overall. The Hollywood wage gap is realpeople. And it’s pretty stark once you merge the two together. It’s also interesting to point out that the vast majority of actresses on the list are American and white, save for one: Bingbing Fan. Hollywood’s got a lot of explaining to do, but you know what? It’s hard to see them actually trying to explain what the hell happened here.

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