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Jennifer Lawrence Talked About Her “Copious Amount” of Butt Plugs on Conan

We're just... uhm... just... we're just gonna leave this here.

It turns out that occasionally Jennifer Lawrence travels with what she described as a “copious amount” of butt plugs. She recounted the tale of one such sex toy adventure on Conan last night. Considering it’s a clip from a television show, it’s technically safe for work, but Lawrence does say “butt plug” like a buuuunch of times.

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There’s a little bit of context here in that Lawrence says the butt plugs were purchased by a friend as a joke, and because Jennifer Lawrence is a perfect human we’ll take her at her word. Still, whatever the reason, she got busted with an arsenal of butt plugs, and she manages to make the whole story adorable and charming.

(via Team Coco)

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