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Yes, the Muppets Were on SNL Last Night, But Watch Jason Segel’s Andre the Giant Impression First [Video]

Aaaaaas Yooooou Wiiiiiiiiiiiish

Star and writer of The Muppets Jason Segel hosted Saturday Night Live last night. We are spoiling nothing by saying that yes, the Muppets did show up, and yes, those sketches are after the jump. But since we’ve been inundating you with posts about The Muppets, here is a reprieve from that. Either Segel was merely a child of the 1980s who loved wrestling — or he loves The Princess Bride sooooo much that he figured out how to impersonate the man who played Fezzik, Andre the Giant. We choose to believe the latter.

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And after the jump: Muppets.

First, they crashed Segel’s monologue and made him feel bad about hosting without them (and reminded everyone that they’d been on SNL since it started):

And then, Kermit showed up during Weekend Update with Seth Meyers for a segment we really hope will happen again, “Really?? With Seth and Kermit”:

Rowlf and Gonzo also showed up in a sketch that made me realize how the rest of the world sees Billy Joel fans (of which I am one):

And yes, that was Paul Rudd, making that face he made in Wet Hot American Summer.

(via Saturday Night Live)

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