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Japan Wants To Solve The Energy Crisis With A Solar Power Plant On The Moon

Uh, no, because that's where they have to build the Silver Millennium.

Japan Moon

Okay, so we know the Japanese have some pretty epic ideas, but this one might just take the delicious steamed cake. Architectural/engineering firm Shimizu has proposed a Moon-based solar power plant to solve our energy and climate crisis here on Earth. No word yet on whether or not it will be powered by Queen Serenity’s Silver Crystal.

Shimizu wants to build a giant strip of solar panels 249 miles wide all the way around the Moon’s equator. Then, they’d send the energy back to Earth in the form of microwaves, which we’d convert into carbon-free energy at stations on the ground. Proposed for operation as early as 2035, there’s just the tiny issue of, you know, how we build all that business on the moon.

Solar Moon

Their solution? “Robots will perform various tasks on the lunar surface, including ground leveling and excavation of hard bottom strata,” says Shimizu, who have apparently never read The Time Machine.

Though it sounds like an excellent, if sort of nuts, plan, we have to remember that Shimizu have also proposed pyramid cities and a space hotel, so the Luna Ring might not be the wildest thing in their minds. Given that California has already signed a contract to buy electricity from Solaren’s Earth-orbiting power plant, a Moon unit can’t be that far behind.

(via Quartz, image via PTorrodellas)

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