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James Cameron Sinks Our Ship (Or, At Least, Our AU)

I Guess I Can't Argue With That

Yeah, we all think about this stuff too much

James Cameron doesn’t care what you think. It’s one of the many privileges of having made billions of dollars. But even mega movie tyrants can get sick of myths that float around the internet. Especially if they have to do with Titanic.

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In response to the long-standing theory explored by a Reddit user that Jack could have easily fit onto that door with Rose (don’t pretend like you don’t know what we’re talking about), Cameron has gone on the record stating that it’s not a question of space, but a question of buoyancy.

As we all recall (yes, you do, don’t pretend), when they first find that piece of door, both of them try to get on it, only to have it start to sink/flip over. As Cameron says in the accompanying video (skip to 4:20 for relevant raft-talk), “Jack’s not an idiot, he doesn’t want to die…but it’s clear there’s only enough buoyancy available for one person.” Obviously, the only sensible thing to do in the situation is to let Kate Winslet live.

(We bandied this idea around the office a bit today, and our esteemed chief editor decided that she didn’t even need the buoyancy argument. As she asked me, after looking at the lovely dry photos of Redditors on a gym floor, “Have you EVER tried to get from the water in a pool onto an inflatable raft? Fully clothed?” There was a certain amount of barely-concealed ire involved that indicated I should never ask about getting two people into a hammock. Perhaps there is some unspeakable trauma to that story. I weakly countered by pointing out that the prospect of living and getting to be with Kate Winslet is a great motivator that should not be underestimated.)

For those still unsatisfied with this answer, Cameron also announces in the video his future plans to collaborate with the Mythbusters, and put this meme to rest on the ocean floor once and for all.

(via Neatorama, Flavorwire)

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