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JAM With Chrome Lets You Start a Wicked Internet Band, Pretend to be Skrillex

Starting a band is usually a lot of work, especially if you have no musical aptitude. It’s surprisingly difficult to convince folks to let you be their drummer if you don’t know how to drum. Thankfully, Google understands and has now provided a way for all the wannabe musicians out there on the Internet to fulfill their dreams: JAM with Chrome. The new Chrome Experiment web app allows four people to play a selection of 19 instruments together, regardless of actual ability.

JAM with Chrome is surprisingly easy to use, as the app walks new users through instrument selection and the like. If you’re just looking to lay down a sweet beat, the Easy setting includes a series of automatic options that can be fiddled with to produce different sounds. If you’re an old hand at being a rock star, though, Pro allows for playing by keyboard. Don’t be fooled; Pro will likely be difficult regardless of your ability, as playing by keyboard isn’t exactly easy.

Probably the best part of the whole thing is the ability to invite up to three friends for a simultaneous jam session. It’s kind of like that one scene from All Dogs Go To Heaven where the giant alligator suggests that they make music together, only without a giant alligator, talking dogs, death, or really anything at all from All Dogs Go To Heaven except the quote “let’s make music together.”

(JAM with Chrome via Google, The Verge)

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