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J.K. Rowling Continues to Get the Meme Treatment

It seems as if we have far too much information from J.K. Rowling these days. Whenever a fan asks her a question, she tells them more than they had expected—then doesn’t follow through with that representation in her movies or novels. There was a huge LGBTQ+ community at Hogwarts, you just had to squint and write about them yourselves in fanfiction in order to see them.

It isn’t terrible that Rowling’s trying to make her work more inclusive now. That’s great! What’s terrible is that she’s doing so on Twitter and then … not doing it in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series. She has the opportunity to put her talk about diversity into action and, instead, she’s too busy throwing Professor McGonagall into the films even though the character wasn’t born yet in her own canon.

So, when 9GAG posted a predictive text Rowling meme, Twitter took to it with fire and all the hot takes we could possibly want.

Some followed the task at hand, using predictive text to do the meme justice.

Others, it seems, had a little fun making their own and pretending. (Or maybe these were also predictive texts. If they were, Apple, you’re a genius.)

These kinds of memes are fun, and the argument that it isn’t ‘J.K. Rowling revealing anything’ is a little tired. If she didn’t answer the fan questions the way she does, we wouldn’t have to hold her accountable for what she actually puts into her series versus the lip service. So, until we start seeing her follow through, we can tide ourselves over by enjoying all of the memes about J.K. Rowling out there.

What will J.K. Rowling reveal next? Is Severus Snape secretly related to Sirius Black?

And while we’re on the subject, what did J.K. Rowling reveal about you?

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