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Ivanka Trump Cosplayed as a Vape Juice Scientist as If That’s Something the Internet Wouldn’t Immediately Turn Into a Million Memes

ivanka trump science infrastructure week memes vape juice

It’s Infrastructure Week in Washington again, which, in political terms, means Donald Trump tweets about “WITCH HUNTS” while his daughter Ivanka gives the world new meme material. If there’s something more to Infrastructure Week, we have yet to see it.

This week, Ivanka travelled to a job training and science facility in Waukee, Iowa. There, she participated in a number of experiments. Or she had her photo taken while basically cosplaying a scientist. Whichever way you want to look at it.

As she put on her goggles, she even said “I can’t promise that I’ll get this right, but at least we’ll look the part, right?” Which pretty much sums up her entire role at the White House, doesn’t it?

Apparently, what she was doing in the picture was testing levels of nicotine in vape juice, which just adds an extra level of bizarro onto this. The internet has responded swiftly, with caption contests, memes, and general mockery.

Ivanka’s dress-up time is all the more insidious when you think about in the context of her father’s views on pretty much anything STEM-related. He has proposed massive cuts to the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and the Office of Science at the Department of Energy, just to name a few. His administration is run by climate change skeptics. The very infrastructure plan Ivanka was supporting with this trip–part of a plan which has been called “all adjectives and no math”–has pretty much no chance of making it through Congress.

So well done, Ivanka. You did a great job “looking the part” while serving as the face for an administration that doesn’t give a shit about those students or their vape juice.

(image: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

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