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Google Lets You Hangout On The International Space Station, Ask Astronauts All The Things You’ve Always Wondered

Yesterday, we listened to William Shatner talk about life on the International Space Station (ISS) with astronaut Chris Hadfield, and it was pretty great. Why should Kirk have all the fun, though? Chances are you’ve got some things you’d like to know about what it’s like to be an astronaut, too. Well, now is your chance to pick the brains of people whose lives are more awesome than yours, because they live in space, because later this month, NASA will be hosting a Google Hangout live from the ISS, and they’ll be answering your questions while they do. So if you’ve ever wanted to know what flavor of astronaut ice cream is always left over after a mission or who the worst snorer in Earth orbit is, this is your time.

On February 22nd, three astronauts aboard the ISS will be answering your questions live on a Google Hangout from the ISS, which is really nice of them, considering that’s time they could spend space walking, which sounds much cooler to us. Maybe it’s not though. Maybe space walking just sucks and is terrifying. You should ask them and find out!

If you feel like being a fancy pants and submitting a video question, you’ll have to do it before February 12. Otherwise, you can pose questions live during the hangout via Twitter, Facebook, and of course Google+. For Twitter questions and YouTube question submissions, just tag your question #askAstro. We’ll have more on what promises to be an enlightening conversation as it gets closer to launch time, so stay tuned!

(via NASA)

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