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With ‘Kaiju No. 8’ Season One Over, When Will We Get More?!

Thank the anime gods we have another season of Kaiju No. 8 coming our way. The season finale nicely wrapped up the current storyline. Kafka gets to stay alive (who would have seen that coming?), but now he has to prove himself. How better to do that than with a second season?

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The announcement of a second season came on the same day as season one’s finale, proving that executives must be pretty happy with the response to the latest shonen manga adaption. The first season was already highly anticipated, and with the show doing so well, the second one will be even more so. The second season must have been in the works well before the finale aired, as the announcement was accompanied by a short 15 second teaser which was posted by the official Kaiju No. 8 account on X.

We now know that the First Division will be deployed moving forward, shifting the action away from the Third Division, whose base is pretty much unusable right now. This will allow the cast to expand as we get to know new Defence Force members, such as Gen Narumi, the Captain if the First Division, who we were briefly introduced to at the end of the final episode.

Beyond being greenlit we don’t know much about the next season, so details such as when it will return are currently unknown. We do know that when it does reappear it will be on Crunchyroll, where the recently finished first season is available to stream.

Where are we moving on from?

Kaiju No. 8, episode 12 Kaiju No. 8 and General Shinomiya battle it out

The finale rounded off the Captured arc of the manga, with Defence Force’s General Shinomiya, Kikaru’s father, testing Kafka by pushing him to fight at near full strength (or the strongest we have seen thus far) in his kaiju form. In the midst of the fight Kafka lost control, with Kaiju No. 8 rampaging against the Director, proving himself an extremely powerful force, one with intellect to boot. When it seemed like Shinomiya’s fate was sealed, Kafka finally managed to regain control, injuring himself by damaging his kaiju core. This saved not only Shinomiya’s life, but Kafka’s too, as his punishment is put on hold so that he can be used as a living weapon for the Defence Force.

With the second season now announced the anime will next move on to adapting the Kaiju Weapon arc of the manga. Kafka must now prove himself as more than just a weapon, but an officer of the Defence Force. We cannot wait to return to Tokyo and rejoin the fight against the kaiju, especially now we know that Kaiju No. 9 is levelling up and planning something big.

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