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Demi Lovato’s Single for the ‘Scream VI’ Soundtrack Slaps


Demi Lovato in her music video for "Still Alive"

Scream VI (2023)’s marketing has been out-of-this-world and that’s saying something because Scream 5 (2022) had tremendous marketing as well. The soundtrack we got last year for Scream 5 (or Scream 2022) was certainly modern. But did the soundtrack lowkey (or highkey) beat queer icon Demi Lovato? No, it did not! I’m not knocking the other soundtrack, however there’s a different flavor to Scream VI (2023) as a whole. And somehow, Demi Lovato’s “Still Alive” suits the vibes of this new Scream entry.

I’m not a super fan of Demi Lovato, but what I do know is that they are able to slip in and out of musical genres. Therefore a very pop-punk (or rock if you prefer) single for what’s clearly going to be a bloody good time in Scream VI is chef’s kiss. If you’re still on the fence, then I highly recommend watching the music video. It’s a fun, somewhat corny (in a good way) video with a lot of style. It would even have been cool as a short film.

Demi Lovato’s style in this music video is very mature, very alt, and there’s a throwback feeling to the song itself. It makes sense to have such a heavy hitter in a film that’s being marketed as something different (hey, Ghostface said in the trailer that they were something different too). Not to mention Mike Shinoda (yes the same Mike Shinoda in the famous band Linkin Park) co-wrote and produced “Still Alive”, so that may pique the interest of folks.

Say what you will about Demi Lovato and their music prior to this banger of a single. The fact remains is that “Still Alive” fucking slaps and the music video is a lot of fun. Who knows if the song will be in the end credits (just like “Fall Out of Love” in Scream 5), therefore making everything even more iconic. Either way, it’s a little single that almost everyone should check it at least once.

(featured image: Island Records/UMG Recordings, Inc.)

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