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If You Want to Watch ‘Paw Patrol,’ You May Need a New Streaming Service

What show combines cute dogs, ridiculously huge cars, trucks, and other vehicles, and heroic search and rescue missions? Yep, it’s Paw Patrol. If you’re a parent of young kids, they’re probably clamoring to watch it. So where is it streaming?

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Paw Patrol follows the adventures of six young dogs, each with a different speciality, who conduct search and rescue missions in the city of Adventure Bay. Led by a human kid named Ryder, the Paw Patrol team does good deeds all around the city.

Part of the reason Paw Patrol is so popular is that each dog’s speciality aligns with a profession that kids find really cool. Chase, the German shepherd, is a police dog. Rubble, the English bulldog, does construction. Skye, the cockapoo, flies airborne vehicles. Zuma, the Labrador retriever, does water rescues. Rocky, a mixed breed dog, does recycling, and Marshall, the Dalmatian, is a firefighter.

Paw Patrol started off as a TV series, but it became so popular that it spawned multiple movies. So where can you catch it? How can you put Paw Patrol on for your kids so that you get 20 minutes of quiet time? If the only streaming platform you subscribe to is Netflix, then I’ve got bad news.

Where is Paw Patrol streaming?

The Paw Patrol series is streaming on Paramount+, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. If you want to watch the movies, you can catch them on Paramount+, or buy them on Apple TV+. This isn’t a comprehensive list of all the places that Paw Patrol is streaming—and since streaming licenses change, you’ll want to double check before you sign up for a new service—but you get the idea.

Unfortunately, Paw Patrol is not streaming on Netflix. That means that if you’re a Netflix subscriber, you’re out of luck. You’ll need to sign up for another service, or purchase episodes and movies individually.

But hey, Netflix isn’t all bad! They’ve got Octonauts, which is basically the Paw Patrol of the sea. That’s something.

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