Sam Winchester from Supernatural and Soldier Boy from The Boys

We Know Just the Character Jared Padalecki Should Take on in ‘The Boys’ Season 5

Eric Kripke has already brought on the father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the son (Jensen Ackles), and the Holy Spirit (Rob Benedict) of Supernatural onto The Boys. And now it’s time to make this a proper reunion by bringing Jared Padalecki along for the ride too.

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For any Supernatural fan who misses the show that ended in 2020 after 15 seasons, The Boys on Prime is like a nice little stroll down nostalgia lane. Eric Kripke created both shows, and like a God playing around in his many universes, he has happily brought on more than a dozen actors from Supernatural over to The Boys and Gen V, including Jim Beaver, Alexander Calvert, Nate Mitchell, and more.

'Supernatural' stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Michael Keyes, and Jim Beaver in 'The Boys'
(Prime Video)

But there are still some that have eluded this import, mainly Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester), Misha Collins (Castiel), Mark Sheppard (Crowley), and Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel, Loki, The Trickster), all of whom would do splendidly if given the chance to play some outrageous characters on The Boys

Fortunately, in a recent interview with Deadline, Jared Padalecki hinted that he has said “yes” to Eric Kripke for appearing on The Boys. With Padalecki’s Walker not returning for a fifth season on The CW, he finally has a chance to take on more projects. Fans are pumped about this development and there’s already speculation on who Jared Padalecki ought to play on The Boys season 5. And I might have some ideas!

Should Jared Padalecki play The Good Guy or The Bad Guy on The Boys?

Sam and Dean Winchester in The CW's Supernatural
(The CW)

As a hardcore Supernatural fan, I’ve loved watching Jared Padalecki’s character Sam Winchester’s trysts with the dark side on the show. Like the time Sam gets possessed by the demon Meg, and he tortures his friend Jo with a line that could run a chill down anyone’s spine, “My daddy shot your daddy in the head!”

Or when he played Soulless Sam and let his brother Dean get bitten by a vampire. In another episode, Sam bit his own hand to escape from a cell, and the shot of him smiling as his face dripped blood is etched in every Supernatural fan’s brain. Not to forget, his disturbingly stoic portrayal of Lucifer is one for the books. 

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester smiles with blood on his mouth in scene from Supernatural
(The CW)

No wonder fans are clamoring for Padalecki in a villainous role in The Boys. Just look how fantastically that worked out for Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy!

The perfect character for Jared Padalecki on The Boys

Vikor in The Boys comics
(Dynamite Entertainment)

Here’s another interesting character from The Boys comics that feels almost custom-built for Padalecki. And I am sure most Supernatural fans would agree!

His name is Vikor, and he is a supe inspired by a mythical Viking warrior. In the comic books, he is the leader of a group called Children of Stormfront. Although, with no actual connection to Stormfront, this group is lying about that as a marketing gimmick by Vought to give the otherwise Nazi supe a Viking origin story. 

After Butcher finds Vikor doing something … interesting … with a device called—wait for it—the “Eternity Gauntlet,” Vikor is compelled to turn an informant for The Boys. Now, of course, the Stormfront era has passed on the show, so Kripke and the writers would have to find a different storyline for Vikor. But it’s totally doable since the show has majorly deviated from the comic books on several fronts already. For example, the whole Homelander origin story and the face-off between him and Black Noir are clearly not happening now, as confirmed by showrunner interviews.

With his long locks and tall, Viking-like physique, Jared Padalecki has always been compared to Chris Hemsworth’s Thor from the MCU. There’s even a gag about this in a Supernatural season 8 episode 2, “What’s up, Tiger Mommy?” where Sam Winchester wields Mjolnir, proving that Sam is in fact worthy of Thor’s hammer!

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester wields Thor's hammer, Mjolnir in an episode from Supernatural
(The CW)

Either way, what ultimately matters is that he is a part of The Boys‘ final season, and that somehow, his character and The Boys’ version of Captain America, Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy, cross paths. Wouldn’t that be diabolically epic?

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