'Supernatural' stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Michael Keyes, and Jim Beaver in 'The Boys'
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All the ‘Supernatural’ Cast Members Who Show Up in ‘The Boys’

One by one, Eric Kripke is bringing our favorite Supernatural cast members over to The Boys. From Jim Beaver (who carries his character name Robert Singer over from Supernatural), to Dean Winchester himself (Jensen Ackles, playing a fan-favorite foul-mouthed grandaddy supe), it’s like an SPN reunion that keeps on adding headliners. 

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And hey, as a Winchester girlie, I am here for it. In fact, I have a wish list of my own. With Eric Kripke announcing that The Boys will be ending with season 5 on Prime Video, I do hope he adds a couple more names to this shared folder of cast members, such as Jared Padalecki or Misha Collins, you know?

Until then, here’s every Supernatural cast member that you can spot on The Boys.

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Jim Beaver – Bobby Singer / Robert Singer

A lot of things about Jim Beaver’s character in The Boys, U.S. Secretary of Defense and Democratic Presidential Candidate Robert A. Singer, are a reference for Supernatural fans. For starters, the name itself is carried over from Beaver’s Supernatural character, Bobby Singer, named after Supernatural producer Robert Singer. 

In Supernatural, Bobby Singer is a hunter and surrogate father to Sam and Dean, and lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Interestingly, for the marketing of The Boys season 3, a fake campaign website was launched for Singer’s Presidential campaign, which revealed that Robert A. Singer is also a South Dakota native, nicknamed Dakota Bob.

Dean Winchester looks worried
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Jensen Ackles – Dean Winchester / Soldier Boy 

Easily the best Supernatural import to The Boys has been Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy. His arrival—in the buff—in season 3 pretty much broke the internet, and definitely broke Homelander in that season finale showdown. Let’s not forget that the promos for his character, which put a twisted spin on the MCU’s Captain America, were hilarious. 

“We’ve got work to do.” (Prime Video)

There are plenty of nods to Supernatural in The Boys, including a shot of the Winchesters’ ’67 Chevy Impala running over Stormfront in season 2. (In SPN, Dean Winchester kills Hitler. Yep.) But this one shot (above) of Soldier Boy, Butcher, and Hughie closing the car trunk is the iconic Supernatural shot of Sam and Dean saying “We’ve got work to do.”

By the end of season 3, Soldier Boy was packed up in a box again. If rumors from Supernatural conventions are to be believed, fans have asked Jensen Ackles whether Soldier Boy is returning in season 4, and as expected, he’s keeping things vague. But we can keep our fingers crossed and keep singing “Rapture” by Blondie until he shows up!

Gattlin Griffith – Antichrist / Young Gunpowder

In The Boys season 3 flashback, Gattlin Griffith played young Gunpowder, the supe sidekick of Soldier Boy when they were all a part of Payback, Vought’s superhero A-team in the 1980s, before The Seven. 

But did you know that Ackles and Griffith teamed up years ago in Supernatural, when Griffith played the young boy who the Winchesters discover is the Antichrist?

Ah, they grow up so fast!

Nathan Mitchell as the angel Kelvin on Supernatural
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Nathan Mitchell – Kelvin the angel / Black Noir

Nathan Mitchell may have played the silent and elusive Black Noir (RIP!) on The Boys, but on Supernatural he was all bright lights. In season 12, he played the angel Kelvin, who teams up with his brother Castiel to help him return.

Jessie T. Usher as A-Train with Christian Keyes as Nathan Franklin on The Boys
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Christian Keyes – Archangel Michael / Nathan Franklin

Christian Keyes, who plays Nathan Franklin, the supe A-Train’s older brother and coach on The Boys, appeared on Supernatural as one of the Apocalypse World versions of the archangel Michael.

He is eventually killed by Lucifer’s son, the nephilim Jack Kline, played by Alexander Calvert, who appears on Gen V as Godolkin student Rufus!

Adrian Holmes as James Moseley talking to Loretta Devine as Missouri Moseley in a still from Supernatural
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Adrian Holmes – Demon; James Moseley / Dr. Park

Supernatural has a history of bringing back actors to play different characters. And one of them is Adrian Holmes, who played a demon in season 3, and later James Moseley, the son of psychic Missouri Moseley, and father to Patience, who also turned out to be a psychic like her grandmother.

On The Boys, Holmes plays Dr. Park, a Vought scientist who heads the top-secret research facility where Butcher’s wife Becca lived with her son Ryan.

Alvina August as Monique Milk on The Boys (Prime Video)
(Prime Video)

Alvina August – Tasha Banes (witch) / Monique Milk (season 1)

Alvina August appeared as MM’s ex-wife, Monique Milk, on The Boys season 1 before being recast in season 3. She too is a Supernatural import, having played the powerful witch Tasha Banes in the season 12 episode “Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes.”

Lesley Nicol as Connie Butcher on The Boys (Prime Video)
(Prime Video)

Lesley Nicol – Katja the witch / Connie Butcher

Billy Butcher’s mommy, Connie Butcher, is portrayed by actor Lesley Nicol, who also appeared in the Supernatural season 10 Episode “About a Boy” as Katja, the evil witch from the Hansel & Gretel story and a member of the Grand Coven who was sent to dismiss Rowena.

Kai Bradbury – Clerk / young Kenji

Actor Kai Bradbury, who played young Kenji, Kimiko’s brother on The Boys, also had a small role as a clerk in the Supernatural season 13 episode “A Most Holy Man.”

Isaiah Adam – Forensic Technician / Lance Corporal Dan Miller

Isaiah Adam has a minor role in both shows. In the Supernatural season 7 episode “Hello, Cruel World,” when Leviathans eat up a school’s swim team, leaving a bloody mess in the locker room, Adam plays the forensic technician that Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) speaks to at the crime scene. 

On The Boys, Adam played Lance Corporal Dan Miller, who is shooting a Vought commercial with Homelander and Maeve. That is until they find out he’s just a hired actor to play the part of a Corporal for the ad.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan talking to his son Jensen Ackles in Supernatural
Adding a whole new meaning to “Daddy’s home!” (The CW)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan – John Winchester / Joe Kessler (season 4)

JDM’s casting has been one of the most exciting announcements for season 4. The Walking Dead actor is known for playing John Winchester (great hunter, but bad father) to Sam and Dean Winchester on Supernatural for the first two seasons, and returned for a cameo in the 300th episode.

On The Boys season 4, Morgan will play Joe Kessler. Not much is known about his character yet, except that Butcher will be bringing him on for some help, since he isn’t doing so well himself (you know, impending death and all that).

Supernatural -- "Don't Call Me Shurley" -- Image SN1120b_0314.jpg -- Pictured:  Rob Benedict as Chuck Shurley -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserve
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Rob Benedict – Chuck Shurley and God / Splinter (Season 4)

They got the father (John Winchester), they got the son (Dean Winchester), and now The Boys also has the Holy Spirit of Supernatural. Rob Benedict, who played the writer Chuck Shurley, eventually revealed to be God (yes, Him), is appearing in The Boys Season 4.

He will be playing a supe called Splinter, and though his powers are not yet confirmed, they might involve splitting himself up multiple times, super strength, and more.

Split image. On the left, Maddie Phillips as Cate Dunlap in Gen V. On the right, Alexander Calvert as Rufus in Gen V. (Prime Video)
(Prime Video)

Two more actors from the Supernatural universe are part of Eric Kripke’s The Boys universe, on the spinoff Gen V. Maddie Phillips, who plays Cate Dunlap on Gen V, appeared on Supernatural in the season 14 episode “Optimism” as Harper Sayles, a pretty bookstore owner who turns out to be a necromancer. Funnily enough, her arc in Gen V also undergoes a similar transformation, from good to problematic. 

What’s more, Phillips’ character in SPN falls in love with Lucifer’s son, the nephilim Jack Kline. Alexander Calvert, who plays, Jack, is also her co-star on Gen V, one of her fellow students at Godolkin University, the psychic supe Rufus.

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