iPhone Users Care About Security Too [Infographic]

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Apple caters to an odd audience, the super techy and the complete opposite. Due to their mainstream resurgence, Apple’s generally tight grip on their products, as well as their design strategy to simplify everything, Apple product users are somewhat seen as the casual audience. With that, one may assume the “casual audience” is either unaware, or doesn’t quite care about, their phone’s security. Well, Lookout Mobile Security and Column Five Media are here to tell us that isn’t the case, and that iPhone users care about security too, 93 percent of them, in fact. Of course, one could flip that around and instead of declaring the iPhone audience aware of security issues, one could say iPhone owners are worried about security issues, changing a security conscious mindset to a commentary on a device’s actual security. However secure iPhones actually are, the infographic below that is teaching you about iPhone security won’t steal your credit card information.

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(via Column Five Media, thanks Neil!)

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