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iPhone vs Android: Social App Usage [Infographic]

iPhone versus Android: The eternal mobile battle. There are a lot of ways you can come at the competition: Which has the better hardware, which has better customization options, which has the better software and development capabilities, which one has the least annoying fanboys, and one more: Which users have more friends? And that is what this infographic courtesy of Onavo tackles.

Okay, not really who has more friends, but rather, who uses which social apps and how. But that’s totally the same as who has more friends, right? It’s not like anyone ever just uses social networks to self-promote or pester people they don’t really know with details of their life that no one reads or cares about. No, social networking is all about maintaining deep, involved relationships. Definitely. But the iPhone has 27% more Facebook use, so those guys must be more popular.

(via Mashable)

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