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Comedian Randy Liedtke Mocks Cell Phone Driving Laws with iPhone Cookies, Gets a Ticket

Quick, delete your browser history! Oh, wait, cookies you eat? What?

On Sunday, comedian Randy Liedtke tweeted some iPhone-shaped cookies he’d made and said he was going to try to get pulled over and see what happened, because sure, why wouldn’t a cop find that hilarious? Instead, he wound up getting brought to the police station and slapped with a ticket for some of his unpaid parking fines. Supposedly.

Let us be very clear: we understand that some things people use phones for while driving are legitimately no different than looking at a map or changing the radio station. However, we really like laws that prevent phone calls or texting while driving, because we don’t like getting into car accidents or run over by idiots.

Also, playing this kind of prank on police officers who are just trying to stop the aforementioned collisions is kind of a childish way to prove a point, and it’s an especially bad idea if you have a bunch of unpaid parking fines. Really, this would be a unwise stunt to pull even if the police had nothing on you.

Worse, he chronicled the whole event on Twitter, which means he was actually doing something stupid and dangerous on his real cell phone while trying to get caught for his fake one. Great.

Here’s the original tweet with the cookies:

Aaaaand here’s where we start to kind of want him to get a ticket:

You’ve seen what comes next (the ticket and admission of stupidity) at the top of the article. We’re finding ourselves sincerely hoping that this is all just as fake as that whole “Diane in 7A” thing, and we’re not alone.

If this was all a ploy to show people that they sound less than smart when they don’t understand why they’re not allowed to use cell phones while driving, it’s working.

(via TUAW, image via Randy Liedtke on Twitter)

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