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iPhone 4S Reportedly Bursts Into Flames in Pocket, Caught on Camera


Having a phone that runs hot is one thing. Having a phone that runs so hot that it bursts into flames in your pocket, that’s something else entirely. A man in Finland claims to have had an iPhone 4s that did the latter, and he’s got some security footage to back him up. It’s a little unclear if the device in question actually is an iPhone 4s, or if it exploded of its own accord, but one thing is for sure: Something caught on fire in this dude’s pocket.

The video was put on YouTube on July 2nd, but the uploader voaa claims the event is several months old. In the video, you can tell that something definitely caught on fire in the man’s pocket, and he was lucky it didn’t happen until he stood up. Other than that, the details are lacking. The smoking object appears to be about the right size for a mobile phone, but this isn’t CSI so unfortunately we can’t ENHANCE.

Devices have been getting more powerful, and hotter, in the past couple of years. The new iPad runs a good 13 degrees warmer than its predecessor, but “hot enough to burst into flames” is a bit more than 13 degrees. Clearly, if this was actually an iPhone 4S, or any smart phone for that matter, there must have been some kind of highly unusual critical battery failure, potentially caused by damage or misuse. Still, if something like this can happen even once it’s a scary thought. Then again,who knows, maybe this guy was just keeping his iPhone in the same pocket has his lighter, matches, and smoke bombs. If you start keeping your phone in a pocket we’re it’s easy to grab and throw though, I won’t blame you.

(SearchForSoft via reddit)

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