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Holy CRAP Does Meryl Streep Deliver In This Clip Of “Stay With Me” From Into The Woods


News of the upcoming Disney rendition of Into The Woods has been pretty touch and go for serious Sondheim enthusiasts (actual little girl Red Riding Hood? Possible changes made to the libretto? Johnny Depp’s weird costume?), and one of the biggest things everyone’s been worrying about is the Witch. Sure, Meryl Streep can act her way out of a paper bag, but does the former Mamma Mia star have the vocal strength required for such a complex and dynamic role?

If this featurette is any indication: yes. Yes she does. I’m so sorry I ever doubted you, Meryl. In my defense, I’d never seen Postcards from the Edge and I didn’t know any better.

What do you guys think? Perfect, right? Possibly even better than Bernadette, maybe? And I don’t say that lightly, but damn, Meryl. Just damn.


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