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The Mary Sue Interview: Agent Carter‘s EP On That Finale, Season Two, And Possible Time Jumps

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Does Peggy have more than one future on TV?!

As we deal with our feelings from the final episode of Agent Carter for the foreseeable future, it’s hard not to feel totally bummed about the prospect of never getting to see Peggy Carter kick ass and show up the boys’ club on a week-to-week basis again. But we’ve got good news straight from her support squad (no, not Jarvis, unfortunately) to help lift your slowly sagging hearts! If showrunner Tara Butters has her way, Agent Carter will see Season 2—and beyond!

“I don’t see this as a show that only has a couple seasons in it,” Butters told The Mary Sue at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, Calif. last month. “This is a show that has as many seasons in it as we want, and as many seasons as we can find a good story for.”

It sounds like Butters, also a writer on the show, has some good story ideas already in the works too. Just don’t expect them to involve too much crazy time travel, as ABC attempts to bring in characters from the more modern Marvel universe to work with an aging Peggy.

“We’ve talked about different avenues like that, about whether you jump time,” Butters, who has a writing credit on the finale, says. “I think there’s still stories to be told with the people we’ve been introduced to in these eight episodes. But what I love about her job as a spy is she can go to Los Angeles at the same time period. She has the ability to go and do and be anything!”

That can-do way of being is something that Butters has always admired about Peggy and one of the main reasons she wants to see the series continue to thrive in more than just syndication.

“I could write this show for the next five years and be perfectly happy,” she explains.

“It’s a show I’m very happy to show my nine-year-old daughter because it shows her that you can be a strong presence and stand up for yourself. Peggy Carter never lets the obstacles that stand her way set her back.”

Let’s hope Butters and the rest of Peggy’s team have the same sort of resilience in the weeks and months ahead as we wait for an official renewal.

To read the full interview with Butters, including her views on Peggy as a feminist character, click over to page two!

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