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Interactive Video Thriller Features Facebook Friends, Sells… Lab Equipment?

Interactive trailers and videos have become a bit of a trend on YouTube recently. In the gaming industry, choose-your-own-adventure style gameplay videos have let developers for games like Crysis 3 and Dishonored show their games’ many angles. Other interactive videos and websites have let users input names or submit images to create customizable experiences. The Foundation one such interactive video. It teases a tale of how you and a small of team of scientists, played by you, your friends, and a couple of actors are a team of scientists involved in a lab experiment gone wrong.

A “scary” interactive video clip, the site uses a Facebook app to pull six the names and profile pictures from five Facebook friends, (It initially pulls random people, but you can choose for yourself.) and incorporates their names and faces into a story about a lab experiment gone wrong. It’s also set in a giant, empty mansion: I didn’t see any zombies, but it definitely has a bit of a Resident Evil vibe – A shady corporation, out of control science experiments, etc.

The best part, the whole thing is actually a viral ad for Life Technologies, a company that makes high-tech lab equipment, including PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) systems. The sales pitch becomes much more clear after the video, when an interactive tour around a fictional character’s lab describes how useful all of their equipment can be. (I’m pretty sure there’s also something about a free poster in there somewhere…)

The video is more like a trailer for a movie than an actual story, but interactive videos are always a solid way to kill five minutes on the internet, so round up those Facebook friends and try to figure out what the hell is going on.

(via The Foundation)

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