Scott Pilgrim Interactive Trailer Reinvents Film Promotion

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In a lot of stylistic ways, it looks like Scott Pilgrim is going to be a completely original film. So why restrict that to the movie itself? The people behind Pilgrim have released an interactive trailer that’s full of new jokes, clips, and tons of behind-the-scenes information. It can be a little intense to manage, since there are so many bonus features in its, so here’s my recommendation:

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If you’ve never seen this trailer before, watch it in full once through without clicking. Then, go through and click every time something pops up, then instantly pause the trailer so you can read it and click on any links in it without getting ahead of yourself (even if you chose to unlock them all after the first play-through). It may seem like an overly choppy experience, but so many of the hidden tidbits are worthwhile that you can’t risk skipping any. You’ll also want to pause to scroll over all the evil exes when they appear on screen together.

This trailer is really setting a new standard for film promotion. Enjoy:

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(Via io9)

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