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Gamergate Tries To Convince Indie Devs of IndieCade & IGF’s “Corruption,” Indie Devs Are Like LOL NOPE


Gamergate announced a big new op yesterday because it was the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, and they have an over-inflated sense of self-importance. Their plan? Convince indie developers that the Independent Games Festival and IndieCade are colluding with corrupt developers. Because Ethics In Games Journalism. Sadly for Gamergate, it’s not going over so well.

A prominent figure in the Gamergate community had been promising for weeks that something crazy was going to go down on December 7th, but it just ended up being the start of one of their new “ops” (yes, they really talk like that). Basically, the whole shenaniganza boils down to this: Polytron owner Phil Fish was seriously doxxed by Gamergate a few months back, and they dug through a bunch of those illegally-obtained documents to find alleged evidence of “collusion” and “corruption” between the developer, the IGF, and IndieCade. Gators are now being encouraged to e-mail every indie dev connected to those organizations and to kindly inform them of the alleged corruption, and to suggest that Gamergate can better promote their indie games than the IGF or IndieCade.

Indie devs, however, have no time for your Gamergate business.


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