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I Love How Much Regé-Jean Page Loves Eddie Munson From ‘Stranger Things’

Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, and Regé-Jean Page

We get it, Regé-Jean Page is just like us, meaning he will talk about Eddie Munson whenever he can. We saw, at San Diego Comic-Con, that Page was quick to talk about his own connection to Eddie Munson on the panel for his film Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, but now we have Page yet again bringing up our favorite Metallica-loving dungeon master in a new video promoting Netflix’s The Gray Man.

Heading to Buzzfeed Celeb with his Gray Man co-stars Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, Page took part in a new Buzzfeed quiz, with the rest of the group, to see whether or not they would survive a spy mission. One of the questions, though, included adding a Netflix character to your spy team to help you complete your mission, and one of those characters just happened to be everyone’s favorite Hellfire Club member.

Page’s team was instantly assigned Kate Sharma from Bridgerton, given his past relationship to the show, and so, when it got to Evans, he said he doesn’t know much about these shows. “I mean, Eddie looks like a fun dude,” Evans said, to which Page quickly responded, “Eddie’s an awesome dude.”

That seemed to be enough for Evans, who said, “Maybe I’ll take Eddie. He looks like he has a good time.” And it didn’t stop there for Page, who then went on to describe the most metal of moments for Eddie Munson and Dustin Henderson in the finale of Stranger Things season 4, complete with a camera push-in as he demonstrated his love of Stranger Things: “Eddie has fought off the odds of hell with Metallica guitar solos.” And before he could even finish saying it, Evans said, “Oh look at him, no brainer then. I’m going Eddie.”

Luckily, the three survived their spy mission, even if Page was captured by the enemy, but the rest of the video is very fun as they all try to pick different answers, even if Ana de Armas and Regé-Jean Page eventually give that idea up. (Evans doesn’t, though, and it gets to the point at the end where Ana de Armas finally reminds him that it’s his mission.)

Regé-Jean Page’s love of Stranger Things

I don’t believe that many celebrities are up to date on the shows we all talk about and love online, and while Stranger Things has seemed to break that slightly, and there are quite a few celebrities who openly talk about how much they love the show, it is so weirdly fun seeing how Page talks about the series. Evans not knowing the show didn’t stop him from talking about how amazing Eddie is. (I hope he then went to explain to him that Eddie is only in one season so Evans doesn’t eventually watch this show and think “where’s that guy”)

But it’s clearly something that has stuck with Regé-Jean Page because he keeps bringing Eddie up. It’s great and hilarious and also a new perfect example of “Celebrities, they’re just like us” because all of us are in love with Eddie Munson. If you’re not in love with him? Well, that’s your wrong prerogative.

(via Buzzfeed, featured image: screen grabbed from Buzzfeed Celeb)

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