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Regé-Jean Page Says He Was a Real-Life Eddie Munson From ‘Stranger Things’ at San Diego Comic-Con 2022

Rege-Jean Page and Eddie Munson

When you think of suave and sophisticated Regé-Jean Page, the last thing you probably think of is the internet’s new obsession, Stranger Things character Eddie Munson. But now that San Diego Comic-Con 2022 is underway, Page has taken to the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves panel to talk about his own connection to the game, and he threw out into the world that he was essentially like Munson when he was growing up.

As if we couldn’t love Regé-Jean Page enough. “I basically grew up as Eddie Munson,” Page said at the panel. “I was picked on at school for being weird and foreign then I went home and made angry guitar music, played Chrono Trigger and Diablo, you know what I mean? And so I kind of came into it through that way. I know a little something about escapist fantasy that gives you no limits, that gives you this big open world of possibility that may not necessarily always be open in your real life but is there the second you get a group of people together and I find that, in a slightly less inspiring way then our leader over here, kind of like the same thing. I’ve always found roleplaying games super inspiring in that way. So that’s the way I came in.”

So, you know, Page decided to choose violence and make himself even more relatable and desirable by the standards of the internet. I don’t want to say he knows what he was doing. but come on, now I need to see pictures of Page’s Munson phase.

The power of Regé-Jean Page and Eddie Munson

When it comes to fictional characters the internet collectively loves, Eddie Munson instantly became number 1 on that list when Stranger Things season 4 debuted. There doesn’t seem to be a Stranger Things fan who dislikes him. So, Page comparing himself to Munson and his love for Dungeons & Dragons has only made us love Page even more.

The character of Eddie Munson was an outcast from the jump, someone that the town of Hawkins had given up on, and while we fell in love with him and wanted to protect him, no one in his town (outside of the group of friends he found and his uncle) cared. So, he used music and Dungeons & Dragons to escape, which is what Page was talking about as a form of escapism.

Eddie isn’t the kind of character you want anyone to find solace in because he is so pushed aside by everyone that it takes something like Vecna’s curse to give him his own purpose. And it’s great that characters like Dustin, Steve, Lucas, Robin, Nancy, and the rest of our crew from Hawkins all give him the benefit of the doubt and want to help him. But we can all, sadly, find some way of seeing ourselves in Eddie because he represents those who feel like outcasts.

Regé-Jean Page found a way to make himself even more relatable, and saying that he was basically Eddie Munson has now ushered in a whole new level of love for Page.

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