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Stephen Colbert Crashing Republican National Convention as Caesar Flickerman Sums up This Entire Election

In what feels like just the perfect sum-up of this entire sideshow fiasco of an election, Stephen Colbert took to the Republican National Convention stage as his Caesar Flickerman parody character to skewer the folks in attendance. As he was being kicked off the stage (in what looks like a stunt, but who knows because this election is a circus), Colbert-as-Flickerman said, “Look, I know I’m not supposed to be up here, but let’s be honest, neither is Donald Trump.” Sick burn, Colbert.

Cassandra Fairbanks captured the on-stage moment, posting it to Twitter. It’s pretty short, but Colbert was able to get a poke in at both Trump and his newly-announced hate partner intolerable personification of animosity “running mate,” Mike Pence.

As BuzzFeed’s Ellie Hall points out, after Colbert was kicked off stage, he went right into filming a bit for The Late Show, so yes, this thing was probably entirely staged (don’t look so surprised). But the bright side is that we’ll get more of Colbert very soon, it seems. That’s just excellent, isn’t it?

I mean, we may as well get a laugh out of this garbage can convention while we can, right? R … right?!

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