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Ladies and Gentlemen: The Full Length Trailer for The Hunger Games

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

When I explain The Hunger Games to people, I lay out the basic concept and setting, and they nod “Oh.” And then I explain that, no, it’s serious. Children murder each other and become adults irrevocably scarred by the experience, hedonistic decadence is juxtaposed against severe poverty, and most of the adult characters who should be good mentors must be cared for by their charges more often than the other way around.

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Oh and there’s a love triangle, I guess. But mostly the characters are just trying to survive. And, as the trailer below points out: this ain’t no Rebel Alliance. Defying the system that’s trying to kill you? Cost benefit analysis says: No.

So, my opinion on this? Here’s a trailer that deftly lays out the premise of the book, each of its major relationships (except Katniss’ mother, but she’s really a fairly minor presence in the first book), but most of all presents the tone of the story very accurately.

Which is good, because in my opinion the tone of The Hunger Games is what makes it most interesting.

(via Bleeding Cool.)

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