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Life as A Hula Hoop

I See What They Did There

YouTuber theoriginalhelski made this video made by attaching a camera to the inside of a hula hoop, and it’s pretty entrancing… we’re just glad we didn’t watch it on a full stomach.

Also the glutton for punishment in us is really curious what it looks like at full speed. If you’re prepared to watch it, or interested in how it got done, venture forth, brave reader.

Says helski:

This was filmed using a GoPro HD Hero camera, which is designed for action filming such as surfing, motorcross etc. It can be attached to your helmet or equipment, therefore it’s very small and light, which is how I can still hula hoop with it on my hoop- it’s a bit more difficult but possible!

It has a wide angle lens of 180 degrees, which creates this odd effect.

I personally don’t get dizzy watching this, but apparently some do so please don’t get cross- just don’t watch it if you suffer from motion sickness and don’t like spinning in circles!

Yes, I am wearing dungarees! It is not an apron. The outfit change is due to recording in a few takes, and I simply have my jumper on in some shots and not in others, as I got hot. Although I appreciate your interest in my choice of styling, it wasn’t really something I considered, I was more interested in the camera effect.

This was also my first test of using the camera in this way. Once we have summer here I will be filming some more stuff, including different camera angles. So, if you’re interested in seeing more, then please subscribe and I’ll get working on it as soon as I can!

(via Laughing Squid.)

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