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This Is How to Make a Death Star Cake (Because We Love You)

For A More Civilized Age

Take a look at that nice-looking Death Star cake. Oh, it’s a cake? Yes, indeed, it’s a cake. And here’s the most excellent part: it’s not that hard, according to the person who made it. Of course, this person might be a professional cake-maker, and thinks anything this elaborate is … a piece of cake. (Hehe, I’m adorable.) Anyway, for more information on how to make this fine pastry, join us after the jump.

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Cake Central has all the gory details, but here is a summary:

This Death Star Cake was such fun to make that you just won’t know when to stop! It is made of Dark Chocolate Mud Cake and filled and covered in Dark Chocolate Ganache then grey Sugar-paste. Use two 8.5″ or 9″ metal kitchen bowls to bake the cakes.

You had me at “Dark Chocolate Mud Cake,” Cake Central. Look at this. Look at this.

That is your dark chocolate mud cake foundation right there, covered in ganache. Personally, I’d be happy with just that, but Cake Central has further instructions on how to put the two halves together with dowels, cover the cake in sugar paste, and create the grey, paneled exterior. Here is a look at how it was set up:

And then, you’ll have a Death Star cake!

(Cake Central via Boing Boing)

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